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Institute Mihailo Pupin
Institute Mihailo Pupin is the leading Serbian R&D institution in the field of Information & Communication Techologies.

Automation & Control Systems Ltd
The Automation & Control Systems Ltd is the core division of the Institute Mihailo Pupin, and the owner of the projects: ATLAS Systems and ATLAS-MAX.

The long list of the Institute's references and customers is the best proof of its high professional and techological achievments.

The other related IMP project: VIEW4 Software Package for control of complex processes

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pATLAS Electrical & Exploiting Specification


  • Power Supply Specification

PSU Specs


There are several power supply units in use.  Two most common (the standard ones) are presented:

Standard PSUs


  • Input/Output Capacity

pATLAS Capacity


  • Environment Specification

pEnvironment Specs