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Institute Mihailo Pupin
Institute Mihailo Pupin is the leading Serbian R&D institution in the field of Information & Communication Techologies.

Automation & Control Systems Ltd
The Automation & Control Systems Ltd is the core division of the Institute Mihailo Pupin, and the owner of the projects: ATLAS Systems and ATLAS-MAX.

The long list of the Institute's references and customers is the best proof of its high professional and techological achievments.

The other related IMP project: VIEW4 Software Package for control of complex processes

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ATLAS Systems


For more than half a century, Process Control, with a special focus to the Remote Process Control, is one of the core activities of the IMP company Automation & Control Systems Ltd.  Generations of scientists, researchers, engineers, programmers, technicians and other professionals have participated and contributed to this long-term project, or better say, a number of related projects.  With full customer's support and feedback, we achieved the required critical mass and have been able to deliver the best resolutions and products.  Today, the technical team of more than 250 IMP employees (not to mention consultants, cooperates and other off-company associates) are fully involved in the area of Remote and Local Process Control, generating the sufficient revenue to fund further research and development of even better products.

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Automation & Control Systems Ltd. and Institute "Mihailo Pupin" are the regional RD leaders.  The half-century experience in the field of Remote and Local Process Control is the best guaranty of their capacities and knowledge for reliable business partnership.  We are here to solve your problems and fulfill your wishes - just contact us.